FOX understands the strain placed on the military by an increasing demand for rapidly deployable, highly mobile forces capable of sustained operations against a range of conventional and asymmetric threats.

Fielding platforms like the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) family of vehicles and up-armored HMMWV has provided enhanced force protection, frequently at the cost of vehicle performance and payload capacity.

Mobility problems are magnified in off-road environments, and further compounded by poor road networks, targeting of established vehicle routes by the enemy, and rugged, unforgiving terrain.

Standard vehicle suspension systems neither support sustained mobility in off-road terrain nor enable the maneuverability required to pursue and avoid an enemy familiar with the ground and our limitations.

The reality faced by warfighters on the ground is that off-road vehicle performance has become a weak link in the chain.

At FOX, we are working with our customers to solve this problem.

Afghanistan Topography