This design concept is particularly well suited to military vehicle operations on the modern battlefield.

The key attribute of shock absorbers equipped with this technology is their capacity to provide the correct level of suspension damping for the particular surface on which the vehicle is traveling.

Softer damping at normal ride-height on even surfaces provides enhanced stability, traction, and comfort—reducing driver fatigue and improving vehicle control and maneuverability.

Damping automatically adjusts to the terrain, becoming progressively stiffer as the driving surface becomes rougher, dramatically improving vehicle control, speed and maneuverability on rugged, off-road surfaces.

Damping at the end of the shock absorber compression stroke is hugely increased—eliminating vehicle chassis bottom-out when the suspension hits large bumps or sudden drops.

Damping also stiffens progressively on the rebound stroke—preventing sudden rebound when the springs are compressed, and eliminating vehicle top-out.

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